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Anvil Point, Hartland Point, Hurst Point, Eddystone.

Foreland Shipping Ltd, 4th Floor, 117 – 119 Houndsditch, London EC3A 7BT.

British Flag – London Port. British Officers and ratings. Usual complement: 18, + up to 3 trainees. LSA 34.

LR +100A1 RoRo Cargo Ship: Ice Class 1A, +LMC, PSMR, SCM, IBS, NAV1, ICC, UMS.

Main engines:
2 x 6,300kw MAK; 500 rpm, CPP. 2 x 2,000 kva shaft alternators. 2 x Diesel Auxiliary Generators.
(2 x 8,100kw MAK on Eddystone).

Bow thruster:
1 x electric drive. 1,400 kw.

Speed /Consumption:
18kns on abt 44ts; 17 on abt 38ts; 16 on abt 33ts; 15 on abt 30ts. MGO consumption in port: 4 ts.
Eddystone has 9 cylinder engines with speed up to 21 knots.

Main dimensions:
LOA: 193m; Breadth: 26m; GT: 23,335; NT: 6,971; DWT 9,921 a 6.6m draft.

Trailer Capacities:
35 on tank top (max height: 5.0m); 62 on main deck (max height: 6.8m); 67 on upper deck (max height: 6.8m).

Containers (on MAFI):
72 TEUs on tank top; 272 TEUs (double stacked) on main deck; 324TEUs (double stacked) on upper deck.

Direct stow containers:
Approximately 411 TEU (No container fittings in lower hold).

Reefer plugs:
60 on upper deck aft to amidships.

Ramps / Access:
Straight stern ramp 16.4 long by 17.0m wide. 12 x fingers of 2.70m. Each can be operated independently to enable ship’s operation at narrow link-spans. Internal ramps to all cargo decks. Side Ramp (Located starboard side between frames 160 / 170).

Deck Crane:
Located starboard side between frames 140 / 150. 40ts at 25m; max 36ts at 28m.

Driver Cabins:
6 off 2 x berth cabins.
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Foreland Shipping Limited, 4th Floor, 117 – 119 Houndsditch, London EC3A 7BT.

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