Welcome to Foreland Shipping Limited. Foreland Shipping owns and operates 4 Roll On Roll Off (Ro-Ro) vessels. They are all British flag and manned by British officers and ratings. The ships are deployed on long term contracts in the Atlantic, Mediterranean, Northern Europe, the Baltic and Indian Ocean. Home port for 4 ships is South Coast, UK. Typical tours of duty are 90 days. Foreland Shipping is committed to the continual training and development of Merchant Navy trainee officers and ratings. These programmes are run in conjunction with the UK Maritime Colleges with a new intake occurring regularly throughout the year.

Environmental Stewardship

Foreland Shipping recognises that the world faces unprecedented challenges to the environment and will act to reduce the impacts of pollution in all its forms. As a member of the Hadley Shipping Group we will meet or exceed all applicable local, national and international regulations for the protection of the environment from oil, air pollution, sewage and garbage.

Foreland Shipping is also working with our partners in Government to exceed international standards and achieve Net Zero emissions by 2050.

Crew Management

Foreland Shipping is delighted to announce that AW Crewing Services as the crew manager for all of our vessels. Foreland believes that AW Crewing Services has the infrastructure and specialist knowledge necessary to provide a bespoke crewing package that is responsive to the needs of the Company and individuals serving on the ships in our Fleet.

For service on-board Foreland Shipping vessels there is a competitive employment package and excellent Company benefits including time on/time off leave ratio, Industry Pension Schemes, ticket bonus, Study Leave training and other development opportunities. There is a comprehensive trainee officer and rating training scheme. All Crew-members are Royal Navy Sponsored Reservists and can be called in to Government Service at short notice.

For further details regarding employment on our ships please contact:

AW Crewing Services Ltd
Dixcart Business Centre, Britannia House
Athol Street, Douglas, Isle of Man IM1 1JD

Technical Management

Foreland Shipping has sub-contracted its requirements for technical management of its four Ro-Ro vessels to AW Ship Management Ltd (AWSM).

AWSM offers a full range of technical services and project management to Owners, from new building supervision through conversion to full technical management.

For more information on AW Ship Management’s services please see the AWSM website.


Foreland Shipping Limited was established in 1999 to build, commission and operate specialised vessels in the UK Strategic Sealift Service. Foreland Shipping is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hadley Shipping Ro-Ro, part of the wider Hadley Shipping Group. We are run by an experienced dedicated London based management team.


Anvil Point, Hartland Point, Hurst Point, Eddystone.

LOA: 193m; Breadth: 26m; GT: 23,335; NT: 6,971; DWT 9,921 a 6.6m draft.

Foreland Shipping Ltd, 
Osborne House, 12 Devonshire Square, London, EC2M 4TE.

35 on tank top (max height: 5.0m); 62 on main deck
(max height: 6.8m); 67 on upper deck (max height: 6.8m).

British Flag – London Port. British Officers and ratings.
Usual complement: 18, + up to 3 trainees. LSA 34.

72 TEUs on tank top; 272 TEUs (double stacked) on main deck; 324TEUs (double stacked) on upper deck.

LR +100A1 RoRo Cargo Ship: Ice Class 1A, +LMC,

Approximately 411 TEU (No container fittings in lower hold).

2 x 6,300kw MAK; 500 rpm, CPP. 2 x 2,000 kva shaft alternators.
2 x Diesel Auxiliary Generators. (2 x 8,100kw MAK on Eddystone).

60 on upper deck aft to amidships.

1 x electric drive. 1,400 kw.

Straight stern ramp 16.4 long by 17.0m wide. 12 x fingers of 2.70m. Each can be operated independently to enable ship’s operation at narrow link-spans. Internal ramps to all cargo decks. Side Ramp (Located starboard side between frames 160 / 170).

18kns on abt 44ts; 17 on abt 38ts; 16 on abt 33ts; 15 on abt 30ts. MGO consumption in port: 4 ts. Eddystone has 9 cylinder engines with speed up to 21 knots.

Located starboard side between frames 140 / 150. 40ts at 25m; max 36ts at 28m.

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